Liberation 1994

Liberation tells the dramatic story of the battle waged on two fronts during World War II - the Allied campaign to liberate Europe and Hitler's genocidal campaign against the Jews. The World War II documentary uses film footage, radio broadcasts, and period music gathered from archives around the world. Interwoven throughout the film are the compelling stories of the Jews of Europe - unforgettable stories of tragedy, courage, resistance, and survival. Liberation begins in 1942, when Adolf Hitler was still at the height of his power and the Allies began envisioning a cross-channel invasion of Europe.

Liberation 2011

Makoto of the Japanese Imperial Army decided to go into hiding after the Japanese soldiers were defeated in 1945. In the dread of the forest, he decides to struggle despite efforts for him to surrender, thinking the war is not yet over. For a span of almost 20 years, he encounters different situations that will test his persona and his strength to his vow as a Japanese soldier.

Liberation 2013

In a dystopian near future where the separation of Church and state has been abolished and a tyrannical theocracy now rules, a young Military Police officer faces a crisis of conscience after his brother—a radical anti-government pastor—gets black-bagged for speaking out against the regime. "Liberation" was created for the 2013 168 Film Project, a Christian speed film-making competition. Teams had 10 days to write and plan a film based around their assigned Bible verse (Exodus 30:16, in the case of liberation), and 7 days to film and edit it.

The Liberation 2018

Washington DC Filmmakers Christoph Green and Brendan Canty (Fugazi) embed themselves in a class of recovering addicts, former drug dealers, and felons, all going through the DC Central Kitchen Culinary Training Program. Three months of hardcore therapy every morning and Knife Skills every afternoon.

Une Libération 2015

On the eve of the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation during World War Two, Juliet, a female American resistance member, risks her life by descending into the underground tunnels of Paris to deliver a secret message. However, a final deadly encounter with a pair of German deserters threatens to destroy the very thing she has been fighting for.

Liberation Day 2016

Under the loving but firm guidance of an old fan turned director and cultural diplomat, and to the surprise of a whole world, the ex-Yugoslavian cult band Laibach becomes the first rock group ever to perform in the fortress state of North Korea.

Liberation Unit 2014

On May 4th, 1945, the 71st Division of the Third Army liberated Gunskirchen Lager, a carefully concealed German concentration camp north of Lambach, Austria. In recent years, many survivors of Gunskirchen have joined with the 71st Division for an annual reunion. As time passes, soldiers and survivors want their stories told. "Liberation Unit" details the horrors of that experience for everyone involved. The film's main message is to validate the occurrence of the Holocaust and remind people that the liberties we experience today came at a cost to millions.

Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation 2007

Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation is a 2007 epic film on the Namibian independence struggle against South African occupation as seen through the life of Sam Nujoma, the leader of the South-West Africa People's Organisation and the first president of the Republic of Namibia.

Black Liberation 1967

Made with the direct participation of Malcolm X and narrated by Ossie Davis, this work of political cinema offers an intense, incendiary vision of black revolution across America. A forgotten masterpiece from radical filmmaker, theorist and founder of Cinéma Éngagé, Édouard de Laurot.

Music For Psychological Liberation 1994

A 3 hour Japanese documentary & Live gig video of the Osaka Noise/Weirdo Rock scene in 1994. Includes Boredoms & side projects (UFO or DIE, Hanatarash, Concrete Octopus), Masonna, Incapacitants & lots more! Yamatsuka Eye gives an interview in his apartment and plays a toy guitar in his bath tub.

Milky Way Liberation Front 2007

Writer's block may be the least of rookie filmmaker Ryu Young Jae's problems. His girlfriend ditched him, his first feature production is falling apart, and things are looking like they'll only get worse in this absurd adventure from one of South Korea 's edgiest young filmmakers.

The Liberation of Auschwitz 1986

This chilling, vitally important documentary was produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The film contains unedited, previously unavailable film footage of Auschwitz shot by the Soviet military forces between January 27 and February 28, 1945 and includes an interview with Alexander Voronsov, the cameraman who shot the footage. The horrifying images include: survivors; camp visit by Soviet investigation commission; criminal experiments; forced laborers; evacuation of ill and weak prisoners with the aid of Russian and Polish volunteers; aerial photos of the IG Farben Works in Monowitz; and pictures of local people cleaning up the camp under Soviet supervision. - Written by National Center for Jewish Film

Liberation, The User's Guide 2016

A story of the Siberian province. Girls passed directly on from orphanage to neuropsychiatric institutions are deprived of their rights as citizens: no freedom, no work, and no family. The path to reconquer these rights, in the face of fearsome Russian institutional bureaucracy, is long and difficult. At times, someone succeeds, but the new freedom is then a leap into the unknown.

Star Wars: Liberation 2016

It is a time of great peril for the Rebel Alliance. One of its fiercest warriors Vince Nurada has been captured by the Empire and held captive aboard an imperial vessel. After months of being a prisoner of war, Vince may have finally found his ticket to freedom…

Study No. 4: Liberation 1954

'Studie IV' (1955) by Peter Weiss portrays a liberation process. The main character moves between different rooms, rooms of significance for him, dragging something that constantly changes form but eventually turns out to be himself. It is an old and consumed I that disappears from him.

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